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I love fresh new music and so does The Hype Machine.  The guys running the machine have figured out how to make sharing and finding music enjoyable. By name they are Anthony Volodkin, Taylor McKnight, Zoya Feldman, Scott Kidder, and Arkadiy Kukarkin and by night they scour the net searching music blogs to promote the underground voices of music promoters accross that big World Wide Web thing.  These guys must have a taste for electronica and house music like I do because the majority of DJs featured on the Hype Machine are upbeat fast paced and energetic.  You can also find some good hip hop remixes.

When you first arrive at the site head to the popular section found on the main menu bar.  This will give you an instant taste for the 'most favorited' songs in the past 3 days.

Another interesting and useful feature on this site is the twitter section found similarly in the menu bar.  On this page you will find music that is rated by tweeters far and wide.  Apparently if you tweet about it then it adds points to the popularity of the song.  Makes sense if the song is good, put the shoe on...  errr, at least tell your friends about it.

That's pretty much all there is to say about this site.  It's simple, elgant, interactive, and useful.  And yes I am listening to my ♥ songs now.  Enjoy your Goodies♦

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