Five Second Test

You're a designer, you've created art in a website layout, now you want to put those pretty looks to the test and see if everyone in the world loves you... or at least your work.  So you hop over to five second test, upload an image of your design and wait for people to tear it down in five seconds.

Each tester on Five Second Test has a chance to see your design in an out-of-the-ordinary test that will tell you what they like or dislike.  It's a quick way to get some feedback on your graphical masterpiece.  The tests include a memory test and a click test and both can follow up with a question about what the tester saw.

The memory test is exactly what is sounds like. You look at the image provided and you remember certain things about the design.  Then you simply write a few words in up to five boxes that explain what you remember about the site.  The test creator can give a very quick flash of text to let the tester know what to look for, but this just gets confusing.  A follow up question can also be asked, "Out of 10 points how many would you give this site?"

The click test has a few options.  The tester can click on items that stand out to them.  After they have clicked they write about why they clicked where they did.  Another variation can be set up to ask testers to find something specific.  This is very confusing because you are usually not given very good instructions on what you are suppose to find.  Most people ask testers to find things like "Where would you click to see John Hancocks financial monthly sales reports?"  Freak man I don't care about John Hancock or his sales reports and you're telling me this within milliseconds of throwing me into a page filled with Japanimation!?  I think letting the user click on what stands out would be better unless you want to ask something like, "where is John Hancock's contact info.  That should be easy to find I would think.

If you don't have anything you want tested then this site is really fun to just look at designs and click and test.  You may see some inspiring ideas as well as some things you may never want to impliment on your website.♦


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