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I think the application really does hit the G Spot.  How many times have you been editing or having trouble with a video clip and you want to know just what codecs a video file uses.  Even with the most sophisticated software finding this info is a mind *%$@.  Not any more, now it's as easy as... hmm, well I won't go there.  It's easy okay. And did I mention it's free!

gspot_article_imageNot only does it tell you what codecs the video uses, it tells you if you have them installed.  Also in the mix is a bunch of useful/useless video statistic information.  Every video application from Quicktime, Windows media Player all the way to Premiere, Avid and Final Cut should make this info available from a simple right click <properties>.  But it's not that easy until G Spot.

It also has a cool visual GOP feature that gets into the nitty gritty of Base Key, Layout Width, Frame Order, Frame Number Overlay, B-Frame Dependencies, and Interlace / Pulldown for those of you that are into the building blocks of a video file.  Show your support to the developer and donate if you can or at least look at the ads to see if there is something you can use ;-).  I'm a firm supporter of freeware that doesn't take over a computer.  Have a good night.

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