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Social media, twitter, future of the internet, social marketing.  If any of these words mean something to you then you should take some time out of your day and stop by Twitter Counter.  This website has to be one of the best, if not, the best solution to useful twitter statistics and advice on gaining twitter traffic.  From a girl with a fan club or a guy selling his idea to the world all the way to a famous corporation, Twitter Counter can help you 'visualize' your Twitter efforts.

Okay so now that I have determined that you know a little about Twitter, you must because you are reading further, I can get started explaining the features and tools that Twitter Counter offers.  Before I do that I am going to give a **disclaimer**.  Twitter Counter is a lot like Hotel California.  Once you check in you can't check out.  After I wrote this article I learned a lot about the details of and Twitter.  When you are logged into Twitter Counter what you view on websites that have their widget installed can be tracked.  If you sign out of and remove their cookies then you can't be tracked accept for your public tweets which shouldn't matter anyway.  For most of us, staying signed into should be fine and will most likely be beneficial to your twitter experience by generating new users.  Okay on to the action.

Graph Statistics

twittercounter_graph_smThe most obvious feature is the graph that Twitter Counter welcomes you with on their homepage.  This is the most fun to play with and is very useful by showing you a simple graphical explanation of your followers, following, tweets, and a mixture of these three.

At the bottom of the graph is a simple compare tool that allows you to compare the aforementioned to other accounts.

Below the compare tool are some very easy to read info boxes that contain your current followers, following, tweet number, and your estimated twitter rank. As you can see I need help so please follow Justgoodies, shameless plug and cry for help :-).

A fairly new feature allows you to estimate how long it would take to accumulate a certain user base using the methods you are now.  In my case... Not too good.  *sniff*

Twitter Profile Checker

I'm listing this second because a new user to Twitter could use some help getting started.  The profile checker simply looks into your Twitter Profile and analyzes the basics of your account and suggests things you might do to improve your twitter experience.  It's sort of tucked away in the sidebar of Twitter Counter, but looks similar to this: twittercounter_profilecheck.

Track TwitterCounter Users on Your Site

Dubbed the Twitter Widget by Twitter Counter it is a tool that allows you to see in real time what Twitter users are visiting your site.  Yep, that is what it does.  The only bad thing about this is the users will have had to stay sign into Twitter Counter with their twitter account in order for the widget to work.  It doesn't allow much visual customization and looks about as good as a caged hippo in a tutu.

Twitter Email

Create an email address through that allows you to tweet what you send in an email.  The same limitations apply to normal tweets and you can attach pictures to be displayed on twitpic.

Twitter User Name Notification

I'm going to not recommend using this feature.  The reason is it is incomplete or there is a problem.  Once you sign up you cannot remove your email address or your watched names.  Bummer on that.


twittercounter_buttonWell Counter in the name wouldn't be the same if they didn't offer a simple button that shouted to the world how many Twitter users you have following you.  So yes they offer a few different code bases that can display your twitter following on your website.


Twitter counter is a good place if you are really into building your twitter ranking and followers.  The best part about it is the visualization of your followers and following plus tweet stats.  It makes it easy to see with a nice clean web 2.0 look and for that I would say it is a goodie.

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