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You have thousands of Mp3's?  Grabbed them from a friend, converted them from a bunch of CDs?  Oh god forbid you downloaded them from a risque sharing program.  Now non of them have ID3 tags and even some don't have correct file names! Oh snap, here is a solution.

Pay for Roxio RecordNow Music Lab and let it do all the difficult parts of auto-magically adding ID3 tags and even renaming your files to the correct Album, Artist, and Labels you choose.  I've used many of these programs in the past, but it seems like Roxio is the only one that utilizes the Sony gracenote library properly to find songs that have names like 01.mp3.  I mean how would you ever tag 30 thousand songs by listening to them one by one?  I tried, you can't.

The application suite comes with a bunch of useful tools, but you will be looking for one called Audio Converter.  Not only does it do the aforementioned, but it can convert your files to a format you choose, rename the files, add ID3 tags, or do nothing to them at all.  Not sure why you'd want the last one.  I searched for a while and this is the best goodie I found to nearly automate an mp3 library reorganization.

I have no affiliation with Roxio or any other review you find on this site, but if they want to send me a check I'm all for it.   Happy tagging.♦

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